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To watch online prime videos on devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, and smart tv. You need to enter the 6 digit amazon activation code at to watch the prime video for free. Watch amazon prime episodes on your device to sign in or create a new amazon account using email and password. Amazon prime is a paid online streaming services used at It gives users access to a wide range of services like fast delivery, watches unlimited videos online, online movies, or prime videos. Users can watch instant videos for free or with amazon prime membership.

Enter Amazon Tv Activation Code via

If you are not aware of where to enter the Amazon TV code, then here is the exact information. You can enter the amazon tv code at enter code. The enter code is a prime video activation code. This 6 digit code is given to you when you go through the registration of your device through You can enter to use this enter code for your subscription.

Devices that Can Work with Amazon Mytv

It is vital to note that Amazon Prime Video is not compatible with every streaming device out there. Perhaps this is because the platform is relatively new. In spite of that, the service is accessible via a wide range of devices, as follows:

  1. You can choose from a number of different smart TVs from top manufacturers like Sharp, Apple TV, LG, Vizio, Sony, and Samsung.
  2. Android devices, including tablets and phones running the Android operating system, can access Prime Video.
  3. Amazon Prime Video is available on iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  4. Fire phones and tablets.
  5. Blu-ray players.
  6. Set-top boxes from manufactures like TiVo, Google TV, Roku, and Nvidia Shield.
  7. Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.
  8. PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, and some other top game consoles.

Downloading & Installation of Amazon Prime Video on your Tv

Amazon Prime Video is available in many different devices like Amazon devices, mobile devices, televisions, Blu-ray players, games consoles and media streaming devices.

What you need to do is

  • Just open the device app store in which you want to download and install.
  • Search for Amazon Prime Video app & open Amazon Prime Video.
  • Install Amazon Prime Video App.
  • Open Amazon Prime Video App.
  • Now register your device by selecting register on the Amazon Website-
  • You will get a code to enter on a given website

  • Amazon Prime Activation -

    Given are the instructions to activate your amazon prime, follow them step-wise:

    1. Install the downloaded amazon prime application.
    2. Login to your amazon prime account at by providing required details.
    3. Connect your smart tv with your device.
    4. Enter activation code on the blank activation field.
    5. Your account will be activated successfully.